High temperature cables, wires, and connectors

Tensility introduces a cable, wire, and connector series rated to 105°C for a higher energy use

and heat resistance.

Cable assemblies are available in a variety of configurations, including plug or jack to stripped and tinned or plug to jack; right angle versions are also available. The wire is 18 AWG, PVC, and rated at VW-1 fire safety and 300 V.

All connectors have spring contacts and custom insulation that creates solid contact and functionality in high heat. Connectors are available in both dc plugs and jacks, and come in 5.5x2.1 and 5.5x2.5 sizes.

Our flat high temperature wire with a PVC Jacket comes with a 300 V rating and ranges in size from 28 AWG to

16 AWG.

Designed with smaller overmolds, this product line is made to fit into tight spaces but can also mate seamlessly with classic SAE models. They come with a dust proof, durable cap for safety. They are available with a Y split, W split, and dc connector

for variability.

A Polarity converter is also available!

Alligator clips also have a slim design. Mix and match alligator clips to dc jack, dc plug, or SAE. UL style options of SPT1, 2468, or 2551; 18 or 16 AWG.

High temp industrial TPU is available for a variety of applications. It comes in gauges from 28 to 16 AWG, with a wire diameter range of 2.5 mm to

4.8 mm. Off-the-shelf colors are available in black, red and black, or white, but they can be customized.

High Temperature Product Lines

Designed for use in heavy duty applications and areas with high ambient temperatures, such as outdoor
and manufacturing settings. 

  • 105°C rating for all components in the series
  • UL 2651 rated wire
  • Small footprint connectors rated at high temperatures

Line Features

  • Smaller overmold for tighter spaces
  • Can mate with older SAEs
  • Connects to batteries with multiple mating options
  • Rated to105°C
  • Dust proof durable cap
  • UL 2651 rated wire

SAE Features


How Does a Temperature Rise Test Work?

Understand temperature rise testing and how to pick the right cable
and connector for your application.

Tensility supplies cable assemblies, connectors, wire, and ac power cords to electronics manufacturers and entrepreneurial engineering firms throughout the world. We design standard components for a variety of industries, including wearables, LED lighting, film-making, electronics, and automation.

Our standard components can easily be customized to fit any application, supported by low-cost tooling and prototyping.
Tensility products can also be found at Digi-Key Electronics and Arrow Electronics.

About Tensility

All models are available for immediate delivery through Digi-Key or Arrow Electronics.

If you are looking for a custom combination, overmold, color, or size, we can help you with that.